Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week one projects

Right here are my photos i edited for the first week of class.
I found this photo on and i took a selection tool and feathered where i selected it.

This is a photo of my Miniature Australian Shepard puppy named Jack. what i did here is selected Jack using the magnetic lasso tool and then i chose a different filter for the rest of the picture. I found the blur to be the best choice for my liking. 

Both of these pictures i found quite randomly via google pictures. What i did with the first picture to the man holding the turtle is i cut him out and then deleted the surrounding picture, i continued with adding another picture of underwater in the background layer to create this stunning image. 

The following picture is the same sort of picture as the last. I took the aquatic animals out of another picture using the magnetic lasso tool and then applied a picture of the sky in the background layer of the picture. The only real problem with the picture is that the background image was not very large, therefore i was unable to make the picture any bigger without distorting the image completely.