Friday, September 24, 2010

week five

this week we were asked to restore an old panorama and then create our own panorama.

This is a panorama of our band room. It was during first period so there were a few people in there. Although, I think this turned out well.

The picture below is the old panorama of downtown O'Neill which we were to restore.

Friday, September 17, 2010

week four projects

This week we were asked to use photoshop to create new "animals".

This first project is a aardvark and pig hybrid. It was my first project of the week so if anything it is the most rough.

This is my second project of the week and I thought it would be funny to combine two animals that would most likely be the farthest things from friends. Being a hamster and a cat.

This is the project that came easy for me because I put the head of my sisters boxer on top of a gorilla. Typically, I tease my sister about her dog's face looking like a gorilla.

This was my final project and my favorite project I've done yet. I'm sure it will be my favorite all year almost. Obviously, I combined a donkey's head with a duck. Pretty hideous looking creature.

Friday, September 10, 2010

week three projects

This week we were asked to use textures in our pictures which was interesting because I had never thought about doing such a thing in photoshop. I was able to create some pretty nice images from using the textures.

On this picture, I used textures to make the colors as dull as I could, but as you can see, the branches are still green. I think this made for an interesting picture.

On this picture I used a sand texture to make everything just about the same color as the sand. I used selective colors to make the black, white, and yellow stand out as much as they would.

On this picture I took a 1970 Chevelle and attempted to make it look like it was straight out of a comic book. For the most part, I think I pulled it off.

On this image I took the sand texture again and tried to give everything an orange tint. I went in with selective colors and tried to bring the most out of the red and white as I could.

Friday, September 3, 2010

week two projects

Here are a few more photos that I personally took, they are just a little more mature than last weeks haha. 

 On this particular photo, I Filled the frame and I believe that I used the lines of the photo to guide the eye down the hallway.

In this photo I used the rule of thirds to emphasize my strong center of interest. Also, there isn't a lot of clutter in the background of the image.

This photo was my favorite one out of the bunch I did. I used the tree to help frame the photo and that filled the frame quite well.

In this photo I used the angle of perspective rule to try to make the instrument case appear larger than it typically would (its a trumpet case so mission accomplished).